Arry W. Gogstad

Bass guitar

  Born in the magnificent year of Nightlife, Burn, Stormbringer and Sweet Freedom, Arry is the gran’pa of the band. He is a native of one of the poshest cities known to man. Arry wasn’t exactly posh-spice material even then, so he freaked out with his gang of crazy mothertruckers and wore his flared jeans and hippie clothes while listening to King Crimson, Kiss and Love/Hate at decadent parties.


   He enjoys the odd football match and is left to his own devices every time he tries to bring the subject up. 


   He has just recently invested in some decent basses for the first time in history, but of course he refuses to tune them down to doomy depths, and his sound remains the same (…not a good thing, despite the obvious Led Zeppelin reference…)  


   Arry is a mad collector of Maiden records, and has an awesome collection. Recently, he has been  talking a lot about a promotion single of “Where Eagles Dare”, and there are strong indications that this long sought after item represents the next big investment on his behalf.

  Arry's career spans over several decades and his extensive live experience makes him one of the most celebrated hard rock bassplayers in Norway. He has a taste for melodic runs and has a heavy groove that is heavily influenced by Tony Levin, Geezer Butler and Steve Harris. Among the long list of people he has played with these are his own personal highlights - Chris Holmes, Mike Keneally, Janne Schaffer, Paul DiAnno, Blaze Bayley, Bernie Marsden, Rowan Robertson, Geoff Nicholls, Ripper Owens, Absolute Steel, Vinnie Moore and Paul Gilbert.