Chris Tsangarides

British Grammy-nominated record producer, sound engineer, and mixer of Greek Cypriot origin. He was best known for his work with many heavy metal bands, including Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Helloween, Anvil, Angra, Anthem, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Tygers of Pan Tang. Produced and mixed Hex A.D.'s first two albms "Even the Savage Will See Fair Play" and "Last Nail in the Coffin Lid", as well as the single "The Cranium Seal". 


Producer, Mixing

Vegard Liverød

Bassist in bands like The New Death Cult, Maraton, Sunset Eyes and Witchcraft. Founder of Røffsound Recordings, a recording studio located few minutes drive out of sentral Oslo. Liverød produced, recorded and mixed all parts on Funeral Tango For Gods and Men. He also mixed and recorded overdubs on "Netherworld Triumphant" and "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden", as well as doing post production on the album "Last Nail in the Coffin Lid".



Rowan Robertson

Rowan joined DIO and became an international superstar at the age of 17. Currently performs in the Las Vegas production show Raiding the Rock Vault and plays for Bang Tango and DC4.

Rowan performs blistering guitar solos on the tracks "WarChild" from 'Netherworld Triumphant', "Hell Hath No Fury" and "All The Rage" from 'Funeral Tango for Gods and Men', as well as doing all the guitars on the bonus track to 'Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden'; "Grace & Pain". Rowan has performed and toured with Hex A.D. on several occasions.



​Per Wiberg

Iconic figure in the Swedish Metal scene, involved in bands like Opeth, Candlemass, Spiritual Beggars and Clutch among others. Per was a stand in on keyboards for two gigs during the release weekend of Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden.



Dave Patchett

In 1997 voted "Third best album artist" by a German Heavy Metal Magazine and is still extremely popular mainly through the paintings he created for the legendary band Cathedral. Although this is by no means the extent of his work. 

Dave did the cover art for Hex A.D.'s "Even the Savage Will See Fair Play", "Last Nail in the Coffin Lid", "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden" and will also feature on the bands fifth full length; "Funeral Tango for Gods and Men".



Mats Levén

One of the most sought after singers of Heavy Rock/Metal, Mats Levén has collaborated with greats like Yngwie Malmsteen, Therion, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Candlemass to name a few. Mats Levén was special guest on the sold out Hex A.D. event "Celebration of Doom" - a release party for "Last Nail in the Coffin Lid" in 2016.


Recording Engineer, Technician

Thor Harald Nøstdahl

Bassist in Dead Egners and Côrian, and founder of Forsiktig Instrument Studio in Larvik.

Thor has been a reliable figure in the local music scene in Larvik for many years. He has a softspot for Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Nirvana and Russian Circles. His musical preferences influence his way of recording, and he is determined to always have a good, natural and organic sound form the amps and instruments before recording. His moto is: If it doesn't sound good in the room, it won't sound good on tape.

Recording engineer on "Netherworld Triumphant", "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden" and additional recordings on "Wicked Serpents" EP.


Technician, Bassist

Anniken Semb Kvalsund

Fifth wheel or just an extra pair of hands. You will find her with an amp under her arm and a gaffer tape in her pocket. Formerly bass technician and, from 2017, the bands roadie and handyman. Occasional substitute on bass in the band when Arry is out of town. Plays bass guitar actively in David Bowie tribute band Lick 'Em By Smiling and her own Prog band Taala. In addition to various projects with Hex-drummer Matt.



Ronni Le Tekrö

Featured on Funeral Tango for Gods and Men. Norway’s definitive guitar hero and hard rock icon Ronni Le Tekrö pushes the album’s closer “Positively Draconian” right over the edge with his classic and unmistakable runs. His artistic flare fits right in with HexA.D.’s rather grand sound, and it is not by coincidence that he plays on the last track on the album.

Honorable mentions

Other Associates

MontDoom created the album cover for "Netherworld Triumphant" and the single "The Cranium Seal".

Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro did mastering on "Last Nail in the Coffin Lid" and "Netherworld Triumphant". 

Jacob Holm Lupo did the mastering on "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden" and vinyl master for "Last Nail in the Coffin Lid" due 2020.

Jobert Mello at Sledgehammer Graphix: Official Hex A.D. logo, "WarChild" & "Netherworld Triumphant pt I" single covers. 

Steven Yoyada cover design on "All The Rage" and "One Day of Wrath".

Thomas Tofthagen of Audrey Horne; special guest guitar solo on "Hawks and Doves".

Eirikur Hauksson of Artch; vocals on "Hawks and Doves". 

Bjørnar Marthinsen is without a doubt one of Norways best heavy metal guitarists. His classic Schenker meets Metallica leads can be heard live with the Anders Buaas band or his own outfit Corna. He came through and helped Hex in a very difgicult situation in June 2019 where he stepped in and played guitar and mellotron at the Tons of Rock festival


Former members

Jon Vegard Ness


2011 - 2015

Kenneth Ahlgreen



2015 - 2016

Stig R Moe



2011 - 2015

Jon and Stig were both important members of the live unit between 2011 and 2015. Kenneth had a short stint with the band in 2015 and 2016, but gave the whole system a good shake with his raw sound and energetic live performances. Stig's last gig with Hex was at Gjerstad Rock Festival in 2015, while Jon and kenneth both played live with the band on different occasions for another year. Both bowing out at the release-concert for "The Last Nail in the Coffin Lid" in September 2016.