The first single from the album Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden released December 13th 2019.

"Astro Tongue" is the first single from the Hex A.D. album "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden". The song is an uptempo riff-bonanza that leans heavily towards the early works of guitar greats Michael Schencker and John Norum. The distorted hammond growls and thundering grooves solidify the massive Hex A.D. sound.

Lyrically "Astro Tongue" has a slight psychedelic flare. Lyricist and singer Rick has this to say about the lyrics:

"Writing words for this new album was quite different to our earlier records, particularly this track. I love the way Geezer Butler used wild imagination and fantasy in lyrics such as Black Sabbath's "Spiral Architect", and I was after that whole surreal wibe. It's hard to explain the process, but I guess you could say that I put my words into colour and painted an abstract picture with them."

Cover Hex AD Astro Tongue single.jpg

1. Astro Tongue


Mixed By – Vegard Liverøed at Røffsound Recordings

Producer – Rick Hagan

Recorded By – ThoQ

Written By, Music By – Rick Hagan

Artwork by Dave Patchett

Design by Marianne Lauritzen

Rick Hagan: Vocals, Guitars

Are Gogstad: Bass

Mags Johansen: Keyboards

Matt Hagan: Drums

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