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Limited Edition

12" Gatefold LP

Second full length album 'Last Nail in the Coffin Lid'

available on vinyl for the first time!

Album written by Rick Hagan. Mixed and produced by Chris Tsangarides at Ecology Room, Kingsdown, UK.

Mastered for vinyl by Jacob Holm-Lupo, March 2020 and released in a 12" Gatefold LP.

Last Nail in the Coffin Lid vinyl includes a previously unreleased track "Ivory Towers", mixed by Vegard Liverød at Røffsound Recordings.


Rick Hagan has the following to say about the bonus track:


“Ivory Towers” is one of few remaining songs from what would have been the album between The last nail inthe Coffin Lid and Netherworld Triumphant. I wrote several songs for this project, but somehow they felt a bit“messy” and unfocused. I clearly remember experiencing a lack of inspiration during this period. The song wasleft unfinished, until now. We have played three of the all-in-all six tracks that were written and demoed live ata few different gigs.The backing track was recorded at “Forsiktig Instrument” in July 2016, and the vocals and lead guitars wererecorded at Røffsound Studio in Oslo January 2017. It was finally given a proper mix by Vegard Liverød in March2020, before it was mastered specifically for this release by Jacob Holm-Lupo.