Mags Johansen

Hammond and Mellotron

   The year was 1988. The Cold War was about to end, Whitney Houston and Rick Astley were blasting from every radio within earshot - and then out of the darkness a child was born in the city of Trondheim who would hammer the ivories with greats such as Jon Lord, Steve Morse and Bernie Marsden.  Mags' dad was, and still is, a Deep Purple fanatic and needless to say our starie-eyed rocker was brought up in what must be described as the healtiest of auditorial environments.


    But even though Deep Purple was to become heavily influencial to the young musician, he was searching for a band he could call his own. Enter "...from Hollywood...GUUUNS 'N ROSEEEES!" It should come as no surprise that the classic era fra '87-'94 is held in high asteem by both Mags and the rest of the band, but he didn't stop there. He continued to follow the band closely after Axl's relaunch in 2000, and collected every bootleg known to man from the GnR tours between 2000 and 2006. Now that's saying something about dedication! Buckethead, Robin Finck, Bumblefoot, fretless double necks, Primus drummers - they are all there in this collection.  


   Mags has been very fortunate in his musical career, and among other things has had the priviledge of playing in the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral as part of The Jon Lord Orchestra - it might sound like a bad lie, but the bastard has the whole affair documented on film!  


   Ah - and one more thing about Mags - Jon Lord's old grand piano fits his living room perfectly...