Hex A.D. released their third album "Netherworld Triumphant" via Fresh Tea.

This album is the most layered and organic Hex A.D. recording so far. The songs combine the heavygrooves and doomy riffs the band is known for, but clearly explores tendences that harks back to the start of progressive rock. Featuring a breathtaking guest appearence by former Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson on the song "WarChild".

Frontman Rick Hagan has following comment on the new album:

"A huge musical inspiration on "Netherworld Triumphant" are the albums that the biggest hardrock bands from the seventies released in the early eighties. Lyric wise the songs deal with many different themes, such as religious mysticism, war romanticism and spiritual unbalance."

In May Hex A.D. released their first single from the upcoming album; "Netherworld Triumphant pt. I". The title track is a story in two parts consisting of 14 minutes of groovy heavy rock. Like Uriah Heep meets Kyuss who suddenly floats into Pink Floyd and infernal King Crimson riffs. 

"WarChild", the second single from the album "Netherworld Triumphant", was released two weeks ago. The song features a guest appearence by former Dio-guitarist Rowan Robertson. The lyrics are inspired by war romanticism, and include two short phrases by Sir Winston Churchill.

"Netherworld Triumphant" is available on CD, LP and all digital platforms. 
Order your copy from Tiger record store or directly from the label Fresh Tea.


Rick Hagan: Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Drums

Mags Johansen: Hammond and Mellotron

Mixed By – Vegard Liverøed at Røffsound Recordings

Producer – Rick Hagan

Recorded By – ThoQ

Written By, Music By – Rick Hagan

Artwork by MontDoom 

Design by Marianne Lauritzen at Freshphoria

hex nt.jpg

1. Himmelskare
2. Skeleton Key Skeleton Hand
3. Netherworld Triumphant pt. I
4. Netherworld Triumphant pt. II
5. WarChild
6. Boars On Spears
7. Ladders To Fire


Side A:

1. Himmelskare

2. Skeleton Key, Skeleton Hand

3. Netherworld Triumphant Pt.1

4. Warchild


Side B:

1. Netherworld Triumphant Pt.2

2. Boars On Spears

3. Ladders To Fire

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