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Two years later, we find a band already passed here for Heavy Metal Heaven: the Norwegians Hex A.D .. I always took care of them, praising their, at the time, third full length Netherworld Triumphant. Today we welcome them back with a new job, Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden. We had left the Hex A.D. with a doom album with vague hard rock and psychedelic echoes. We find them beating the same dark road, but while in Netherworld the influences were just mentioned, here they explode completely, especially those hard rock that in more than one song take the stage at the expense of the darkness, for example as in the excellent Grace and Pain that closes the whole album in wonder and that comes after the equally wonderful A Stone for the Bodies Not Found. Everything excellent? Let's say that some half missteps do it, but it doesn't affect too much the beauty of Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden: for example Old Bones is too long and the prog virtuosity make it long-winded. Ultimately the Hex A.D. continue to be confirmed at excellent levels: Their sound is constantly evolving even within the same disc and only between one job and another, thus giving life to a product that does not bore, rather that makes you want to listen to it again . The Norwegians certainly deserve the success they have at home, with the hope that sooner or later they will be known and appreciated by us too. Monica