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Interview with Rick Hagan in Norwegian with HeavyMetal.no.

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Google translated to English:

We are running an update on what is happening in the Hex A.D. camp. There, the last album has made its way into the gruel, a great album with layers upon layers of Hammond, hard rock and heavy shoes. Now the band is looking forward to a new record, which is supposedly the twin record of the aforementioned. Above me on my virtual table, Henrik sits and answers as best he can.

Now a sequel to the pop album, which came out earlier this year, has begun to materialize. How are you with it today? Sorry? Even more excited?

"Astro Tongue today yes… It's not even a year old, but it seems like it came out a long time ago… hehe… I think it's still a tough album, but it was far from a smooth process to get it done You know what it's like, when a project feels frustrating to complete, it colors the impression of the finished product. Having said that, I think Deadly Nightshade is possibly the toughest Hex song to date.

And how quickly did you start smelling a new record? Astro was out just a month before the coronan slipped into society, I would think concerts and plans were replaced by studio work and rehearsals?

"That brings me to the next point you're wondering, because Astro Tongue and Funeral Tango are meant to be twin albums. They belong in a way similar to Uriah Heep's 'Demons & Wizards' and Magician's Birthday. Several of the songs "which will be found on Funeral Tango for Gods Men was written during the same period as Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden. I distributed the song ideas so that the records would each have their own identity." "I can say that Astro Tongue is the cozier of the two! He-he. When everything closed down and we had to realize that we were not going to get to play anything particularly live for a while, it was just to put started and made demos. Two weeks after the shutdown, I had finished demos on 10 songs. "

And how will the upcoming one differ from Astro? If at all? Location, methods….

"Funeral Tango has definitely become our most varied and rich album to date. The songs that have ended up on Funeral Tango are much deeper, more personal and rich. We have never spent so much time on a production as now and I definitely think that We have worked closely with Vegard Liverød this time, he has previously mixed both Netherworld Triumphant and Astro Tongue, but this time he and I have gone together all the way from the first drum beat to the finished mix. That he has played a big role in the work I can not hide, there is not so much as a single second midi on this disc, and it sounds. The choice of recording rooms, microphones, amps, guitars, etc has been in focus all the way. The term attention to detail, we must say, covers this process incredibly well. A Steinway grand piano in a large church room cannot be compared to a midi board and a plugin on a mac. In addition, the whole band was involved to a greater extent than before in terms of arrangement and expression. That, of course, characterizes the record we are left with now. "

How difficult / easy has it been to be a band in the time that has been then? Are you and you a little introverted, and have survived well without dents and dunks, both as individuals and bands?

"I can only speak for myself, but 2020 has been a fantastic year for me. I have read more than ever, seen a lot of classic horror (which by the way characterizes the lyrics on Funeral Tango to a certain extent…) and not least got the opportunity to work a lot and thoroughly with this record.We also got to rehearse properly on many of the songs before we started recording.We jammed on my rough sketches over several weeks, so that we would be properly rehearsed before we started recording. " The teaser we are going to taste, what are we talking about? Does it only represent the song, or is it an average of what we can expect? "The teaser is an excerpt from a song, with pictures and small snippets from the whole process. Is it representative of the album? The one who waits will see…"

Have you updated yourself on the music front otherwise then? Discovered new bands, taken inspiration from other places than the usual?

"Throughout 2020, I've heard some of Steven Wilson's podcast episodes, where he and No-Man colleague Tim Bowness sit and discuss forgotten gems and nerds down on various records from a particular year. I've given some of the selected records a listen, but there is little that has gone home.They talk a lot about synth-pop and alt-pop, and it's not quite my thing.On the other hand, I have rediscovered Judas Priest from the 70's, and the Mercyful Fate records from 90 "There may be one or two tips of the hat for both mentioned bands on Funeral Tango for Gods & Men…"

And is it the same company, will Freshtea also have the logo applied this time? Or have any changes taken place?

"The collaboration with FreshTea is going so well. Sverre is an inspiration to everyone involved with his enthusiasm and his commitment to Norwegian classical heavy!"