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Then let your imagination run wild.

Often you forget your own albums that have been reviewed, but "Netherworld Triumphant" by HEX A.D. I remembered with his organ doom prog despite some criticisms. And that was the trigger to reach for "Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden".

First of all, the colorful, multifaceted artwork is striking. Gnomes, owls, butterflies, clowns, goats and aliens are things that all stimulate the imagination. And the music on the new album by the Norwegian mastermind Rick Hagan is just as inventive. Although heavy doom still often rules with organ, this time the musical palette seems to be a little more relaxed, playful and overall more harmonious. Okay, hookline monsters are still not the lines of Rick (who also operates the guitar in addition to the microphone), but this time the music is more firmly anchored in the brain, especially if you have heard it often. This extra crisis of psychedelic flowery seventies prog is good for the music, but above all it is the riffs that make one exclamation mark after another this time.

Together, this is a mix that seems very original to my ear, follows the genre schemes only rarely or not at all and has been fun for me for several months now. "Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden" definitely offers music that you can let your imagination run and that you are welcome to put on the shelf.


Redakteur: Thomas Becker