Rick Hagan

Vocals & Guitar

  Originally from Norway’s capital Oslo, his earliest years were filled with the joys of Sky, Pat Sharpe, He-Man, Transformers and David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. Tractors and big lorries where the main focus during his waking hours. He enjoyed the company of the English setter Kim while crawling on the floor of the family’s semi-detached flat on the outskirts of Oslo.  He moved to the sleepy coastal town of Larvik in 1985 and then Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath happened.

  Rick has a broad musical background ranging from orchestra conducting, big band drumming and a variety of different metal bands. He started gigging profesionally at the age of 19 and was soon picked up by more established acts, both as a drummer and a bassplayer.

  Among the long list of people he has played with these are his own personal highlights - Paul DiAnno, Blaze Bayley, Ripper Owens, Chris Holmes, Rowan Robertson, Geoff Nicholls, Sarcoma Inc. The Big Time, Absolute Steel, 21st century Rox and Bernie Marsden.