The EP "Wicked Serpents", containing reworked tracks "Wicked Is As Wicked Does" and "Serpent's Kiss" off the debut album Even the Savage Will See Fair Play . The new versions features the band's organ player Mags Johansen, who originally wasn't a part of the band in 2012. His parts, including hammond organ and mellotron, were added in late 2018 and breathes new life into what must be considered a mainstay in the band's live set.


Rick Hagan: Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Drums

Mags Johansen: Hammond and Mellotron

Mixed By – Chris Tsangarides and ThoQ

Producer – Chris Tsangarides

Recorded By – Chris Tsangarides, with

Overdubs recorded by - ThoQ

Written By, Music By – Rick Hagan

Artwork by Dave Patchett

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Cover Wicked Serpents.jpg

1. Wicked Is As Wicked Does

2. Serpent's Kiss

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